Did You Know?

1. Evelyn Longman Batchelder who designed and sculpted the "To the Patriots of Windsor" eagle monument on Broad Street Green also worked on portions of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC?

2. Windsor Center's volunteer fire company began in 1830 with twenty men, each subscribing $5?

3. The oldest surviving stone in any Connecticut cemetery is located in Windsor's Palisado Cemetery and commemorates Reverend Ephraim Huit, who died in 1644?

4. The Route 159 bridge over the Farmington River commemorates Windsor's famous polka maestro Ray Henry, whose real name was Henry Mocarski?

5. The play and movie Arsenic and Old Lace is based on life of Windsor's Amy Archer-Gilligan?

6. Joseph Christoph had hoped to build a theater in the Plaza Building in 1929, but the Depression forced him to reduce his plans? The theater was added in 1939 by the building's second owner.

7. In the 19th century, Christopher Miner Spencer manufactured shotguns and other sporting guns in the older section of First Town Square?

8. Windsor metal artist Lon Pelton snuck his 'Moly Mosquito' sculpture onto town property in the middle of the night?

9. Henry Huntington, a Hartford attorney, and his wife Mary built the Huntington House in 1902?

10. Architect Herbert Hale of Boston designed the Loomis Fountain on the Green?

11. Col. James Loomis was the father of the founders of the Loomis Chaffee School?

12. Col. Oliver Mather made his fortune as a farmer?

13. Argentinian artist Nena De Brennecke carved the three bas reliefs of tobacco workers on view in the Post Office lobby?

14. Windsor woodworker Al Hooker carved the Vietnam Memorial Plaque in the Town Hall lobby?

15. Rev. John Warham was the first minister of the church in Windsor and established the town's first grist mill?

16. Dr. Hezekiah Chaffee moved from Hartford and married the widow of the Windsor previous doctor?

17. George Keller, the architect of Grace Episcopal Church, later designed the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch in Bushnell Park in 1886?

18. C. D. Graves painted the murals of Windsor history inside the Windsor Trust building?

19. Roger Ludlow, founder of Windsor, Fairfield, and Norwalk died in Ireland?

20. An eight-week strike by the Local 1, Bricklayers, Plasters, and Masons? Union delayed the construction of the Town Hall?

21. John Mason's statue has been vandalized several times because of his controversial tactics during the Pequot War?

22. Horace Hayden helped professionalize dentistry in American in the 1800s?

23. Bart's Restaurant was named after its founder, Bart Dillon, Sr.?

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