Roger Wolcott School

This property has been associated with schools since 1797 when the First School District was established here. The first school was built in 1805; it was a one-story gambrel roofed brick structure with desks situated along three sides of the room facing the wall. When the pupils wished to recite, they turned around on the bench and faced the teacher and her desk in the middle. In 1856, a two-story brick building with a flat tin roof was built on the west side of the street. It had two rooms, one on the lower floor for school purposes, and the upper room for religious and community purposes. In 1909, all schools were consolidated under town management and it became necessary to name each school. In 1916 when a new two story, four room brick building was erected, it was named Roger Wolcott School. The newest school was built in 1967. © Windsor Historical Society.


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