Wilson Congregational Church

The Wilson Congregational Church had many names through its history. In 1853, it was founded by two women, Julia Barber and Susan Wilson, thriving in spite of opposition. They then formed two units: The Wilson Christian Union Association, in charge of finances, and the Wilson Church of Christ, in charge of religious concerns. In 1900, the Wilson Christian Union Association purchased the Rainbow Baptist Society's chapel for $250 and rebuilt it on the site of the Wilson Library for $3,000. In 1959, the Wilson Christian Union Association formally dissolved, and its name became the Church of Christ, Congregational. In 1963, Wilson Congregational Church moved into their new church building. In 2010, the Wilson Congregational Church held its last service, and donated their church records to Windsor Historical Society. Their church building was purchased by the Holy Temple Church of God in Christ. © Windsor Historical Society.
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