Drastic Park Dinosaur Sculptures

Have you ever driven down the road, and caught something out of the corner of your eye, and you're not really sure what you saw, but your heart starts racing because you MIGHT have seen something so freaking amazing that you make a U-Turn and go back to double check? Well, that was me today.

I was driving up Route 159 in Windsor, almost to the Windsor Locks line when I saw something on my left. WTF was that ! I made a U-Turn and stopped at the corner of Route 159 and Clapp Road North and feasted my eyes on a herd of dinosaur sculptures made out of old junk like auto and heavy equipment parts.

I did some research and it looks like the sculptures were made by a heavy equipment contractor named Lon Pelton. Many parts of the sculptures look like they came from recycled machine parts, engine blocks, wheels, and heavy equipment -like the excavator bucket that looks so much like a dinosaur head.

Pelton named his creation "Drastic Park". The name is engraved on a heavy piece of L-Chanel on the ground. There are other steel pieces with funny political names of the dinosaurs like "Tuoulango communisaurus" and "Alloliberalsaurus".

Copyright text and photo Dan R.
Simsbury, CT (on Yelp)

Website: https://www.yelp.com/biz/drastic-park-dinosaur-sculptures-windsor?utm_source=ishare

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